Surviving Soldiers
Surviving Soldier implements the use of a "Price Oracle" in order to balance the $SSG payments obtained through the different in-game options such as daily missions, along with the minting costs at the current dollar value in $SSG.
To that effect, the Price Oracle functions as a tool to regulate the price of entry to the game, allowing the amount of token to enter the game to be maintained regardless of the price of the token.
That is to say, the oracle allows to balance the input amount with a stable currency, to keep the input and profit always at par, decreasing or increasing the amount of tokens needed depending on how the value of the dollar varies in the market.
The assumption is that when the price of $SSG increases, the demand for $SSG would also increase, through the release of new game features or an influx of new players. The oracle will guarantee consistent dollar payouts per transaction at the time it was made, in addition to ensuring that NFT minting costs remain at a constant dollar value.
This means that entry costs and rewards can be maintained over extended periods of time, and will accurately reflect the desired mintage costs to allow new players the opportunity to play even if the dollar value of $SSG increases.
If the dollar value per $SSG increases, $SSG payments will decrease, minting Characters will cost less $SSG, minting Ammunition/Blood will cost less $SSG.
If the dollar price of $SSG decreases, the opposite of the above is true.
The oracle will dynamically adjust costs and rewards up or down according to changes in the dollar value of $SSG.
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