Surviving Soldiers
Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked since the beginning of the project:
1.What do I need to open the premiun chest?
If you bought a Premiun chest in the capsule, to open each capsule you will need $50 USD in our $SSG token.
2.How many premiun chests will be sold?
The premiun capsules are 5000 units per faction, currently we are launching humanoid capsules but soon we will launch zombie premiun capsules.
3.What is the $SGG token contract?
The contract can be found in the "SSG Token" section of our website, but we still leave you the contract: 0xA0c8c80ED6B7F09F885e826386440B2349F0Da7E
4.When is the Token pre-sale and where will it take place?
The pre-sale of the Token will be made with UNICRYPT and the dates are: November 25 through November 30.
5.Where can I access the token pre-sale?
6.When will I be able to withdraw the tokens I bought in the pre-sale?
You will be able to claim the tokens on the Unicrypt platform when the pre-sale ends, either by completing the hardcap, and if we do not reach the hardcap, it will end on November 30th.
7.Why have tokens been blocked?
We handle blocked tokens for the users' peace of mind but they will be unblocked as the established parameters are met.
**For more details, please visit the tokenomics section.
8.What is the maximum amount of tokens I can buy?
The maximum amount is 2.5BNB per wallet.
9.When will $SSG be listed on PancakeSwap?
Our $SSG token will be released and will have its liquidity pools as soon as the pre-sale ends, before that you will not be able to buy it.
10.When will I be able to sell my $SSG obtained in the pre-sale?
You will be able to exchange your tokens as soon as the pre-sale ends.
11.What do I do if the game does not show me the Marketplace or Inventory?
In case you have a problem connecting to the network and it does not allow you to see the Marketplace or Inventory, clear your browser's cache, reconnect to your wallet and log in to the site.
We will continue to provide feedback to this sectional as the project evolves.
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