Through the Zombies faction you will enter the menu of Zone 4, the first city taken by the zombies and therefore its current control center, through there you will be able to arm your legions.
Zombie Characters
We detail the history of our Zombie faction leaders:
Epic Zombie (Tank)
Formerly known as General of one of the world powers, despite his great career he always wanted more, blinded by the ambition of power and reach perfection he was the first soldier to offer to experiment with the formula of the perfect soldier, however his same ambition led him to madness and supply more formula than he could bear, making him the first known zombie.
He is currently the General of the Zombie Legion of Zone 4.
Rare Zombie (Banshee)
She was the second commander of one of the Asian powers of the world, expert in Asian military techniques and combat, after being deceived by her comrades and unjustly expelled from her battalion, she decides to enter the experimentation program to get the perfect soldier, but her thirst for revenge to destroy those who once harmed her turned her into the rarest and loneliest zombie.
She currently inhabits Zone 3 and is the second known zombie.
Uncommon Zombie (Rage)
Captain of one of the battalions of the main powers that conformed the world for being the daughter of the General in Chief of that power, for being pampered and spoiled she was never the first of her promotion and although she had a great military skill she liked to betray her friends, she always climbed at the expense of others, one day her roommate was selected to participate in an experimentation program to create the perfect soldier, after arguing with her father for not being selected she decides to kill her roommate and go in her place, thus becoming the third known Zombie.
She is currently in Zone 2, leading the legion of zombies in that sector.
Common Zombie (Cold)
The first of his promotion, faithful and devoted to his duties to protect and save civilians, but his naivety leads him to meet corrupt people who tricked him into participating in the experiment program in the search for the perfect soldier, although he could not avoid being turned into a zombie, he killed all the people who turned him into one and now he shows no mercy to those who seem 'innocent', unable to differentiate between good and evil.
He is currently with the zombie legion of Zone 1.
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