Through the humanoid faction you will enter the menu of Immortals, the capital of our surviving universe, through there you can arm your troops, buy your ammunition and perform daily missions.
Humanoid Characters
We detail the history of our leaders of the Humanoid faction:
Epic Human (Alex)
Descendant of a lineage of flawless soldiers, Alex served all his life to the American army one of the great powers that dominated the world, in a secret mission suffer an accident where he sacrifices himself to save the lives of his companions, this action makes him lose part of his limbs and leaves him on the verge of death.
A group of the most qualified scientists together with the advances of technology in the future prevented Alex from dying, replacing the lost limbs with parts of Titanium, a new element that turns Alex into an invincible human.
The army for his bravery decorated him with the highest rank of "General in Chief of the city of Immortals".
Rare Human (Leah)
Leah is a nature lover and animal defender, she decides to serve her country and study the military arts inspired by her father, a military geologist who studied the earth's surface, when the virus broke out Leah and her father were on an expedition collecting new minerals, Her group was attacked by a legion of Zombies, although they fought the zombies outnumbered them, Leah's father saw her wounded and decided to hide her and distract the zombies so that she survived and so the troop of "Eagle View" found her and took her to their base, where scientists fused her with Titanium to save her life.
Although she has not heard any more about her father's whereabouts, she is sure that he is still alive in some uninfected area and that she will soon be reunited with him.
She is currently captain of the Eagle View troops.
Uncommon Human (Emma)
Emma was an undercover agent with great charisma, cunning, enigmatic and mysterious who worked for the British Intelligence, although she was one of the best agents one day she was deceived making her decide between her life or that of her little daughter, Emma did not hesitate to give her life for the welfare of her little girl.
Although Emma reached the hands of experts she was very injured and in order to save her life they had to replace the lost parts with Titanium parts that made her much stronger and more agile.
For her bravery and honor she was promoted to Commander of the city of Strength, which she leads together with her daughter.
Common Human (Lucius)
Younger brother of the Zombie named 'Cold', Lucius joined the army after discovering that his older brother had been turned into a Zombie, being the best in his promotion he wanted to stand out among the rest of the soldiers to contact someone among the army staff to help him find a cure for his brother.
Despite his attempts and contacts he could not find any cure, desperate to recover his brother one night he went to Zone 1 of infected to try to reason with him, but when he found him although he recognized his brother he refused to listen to him, ending their meeting in tragedy.
The "MetalHeart" troop was able to get him out of Zone 1 alive but badly wounded, the department of scientists fused him with Titanium giving him extreme abilities.
Now Lucius only tries to stop his brother, being the right hand of the General of the city of MetalHeart.
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