Surviving Soldier Universe
Surviving Soldier is settled far from our time line, in the 25th century. After going through so many wars and conflicts between most of the World Powers, mankind evolve into a new race of Super Soldiers expert in military tactics combined with new technologies and Artificial Intelligence. Their thirst of developing the “Perfect” soldier was unstoppable.
Top Secret missions based on experimentation with Veteran soldier begun to happen trying to reach the perfect prototype. However due to an odd combination of genetic material, an extraordinary Virus was created transforming humans into a Zombie Specie where each individual was granted with incredible abilities, keeping their soldier training but compromising human condition.
Unfortunately, despite the hard work and effort to control these Zombies, most of them escaped and started to destroy everything crossing their way along with spreading the Virus among human population.
Considering the situation, the major world powers started to work together, selecting their best warriors around the world and merged their bodies with titanium materials infusing them with maximum strength and pawer rather than the regular humans.
Factions emerged:
  • Humanoid: First class, word warriors selected among human population because of their incredible skills, military knowledge, bravery and willingness to help those who needs them. Most of these fighters have suffered terrible accidents, leaving them severely wounded and loosing parts of their bodies. Combined with high tech and genetic investigations, these soldiers were empowered with Titanium limbs to compensate the lost ones giving them superior strength than any other human being. Their mission is to protect and defend human population from Zombie attack.
This will be the first faction you will be able to play with on the first couple of weeks after the launch of our farming mode. Afterwards we will release the Zombie faction. Coming soon.
  • Zombie: extraordinary soldiers and warriors chosen for one reason or another to get involved into secret experiments to create the perfect soldier. Infected with the virus, they gained outstanding skills and attributes keeping their soldier knowledge, although, loosing human conditions. Despite the fact that memories are not completely lost in these individuals, the thirst to kill and turn other humans into their equals is irresistible for them.
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