There are several time stations which will favor one or both factions.
1- Maximum Sun Season:
  • This season will give more energy to the humanoids since the titanium is favored by the sunlight so it increases their chances of success for that day between (15% to 20%).
  • The more light the zombies are not as strong so it decreases your chance of success in the missions (-15% to 20%).
2- Darkness Season:
  • Due to the virus a great contamination was generated which created great dark clouds contaminated with the virus, these predominate in the Zones taken by the zombies, those missions where the humanoids are near these clouds will lose a percentage of success in (-15% to 20%).
  • They will benefit the Zombies at (15% to 20%)
3- Titanium Invictus Season:
  • This station brings a wave of titanium in the form of gas in the environment which will favor both factions since the first version of titanium was the one with which the virus was created, which was later improved for humanoids, this will give 22% for all factions.
4- Burning world Season:
  • Due to all the experiments and pollution, an extremely toxic environmental wave was generated, which makes it uninhabitable even for zombies, this toxic wave is not very common, however when it is present it decreases the success rate of all factions by -20%.
5- Tranquility Season:
  • This station will not give any benefit either positive or negative, so in this station the success percentages will remain the same.
Stations will have a duration of 2 days a week, this will be implemented after the game release but it is an important indicator to take into account, we are taking into consideration to generate another item that generates invulnerability to your troops or legions in these stations. We invite you to tell us in telegram or discord what you would like us to add in the release of the stations. We look forward to your comments!!!!
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