Surviving Soldiers
Virus is the element that has synergy with the zombie faction, which works as a catalyst. Zombies will be able to consume the elements, helping them to regenerate in a better way (durability reset) The Virus element has 3 grades, which we will explain the properties they have in each of these grades.
Virus Grade I
Virus Grade I: When this virus is used to cure a zombie, the amount charged in SSG tokens receives a 20% discount.
Virus Grade II
Virus Grade II: When this virus is consumed at the time of healing a zombie, this durability restart is free of SSG token cost (The restart is free).
Virus Grade III
Virus Grade III: When this virus is consumed when healing a zombie, the NFT will be reborn, resetting all its durability counters to 0. This means that the NFT returns to its full potential, same as if it had just been minted again.
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