Surviving Soldiers
Restart durability
The durability of NFTs can be restored by paying SSG tokens, so that they can continue to perform missions. This cost in SSG tokens will increase as the number of times the NFT has had its durability restored.
Restored durability
Cost of restart (HEAL)
35$ in token SSG
55$ in token SSG
100$ in token SSG
We remind you that durability is paid for each NFT, you can do it from inventory/zombies or from inventory/legion (the amounts to pay in tokens can change because they are subject to our oracle). You can reset (HEAL) NFT durability a maximum of 3 times.
In the NFT card (Yellow Square) you can see the number of times that NFT has restored its durability.
In the legion section, you can obtain information (Yellow Square) about the durability of the NFTs that make up this legion, such as the number of durability restarts, missions to be performed, and durability penalty in missions.
In Troops/Legions if a NFT reaches its maximum durability 0/30, this Troop/Legion will not be able to do missions, until this NFT is healed.
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