Surviving Soldiers
Our SS team has made changes to improve the economy of the SS universe, and one of the pillars for this has been the implementation of durability in the NFTS, where users will now have different strategies to follow in the missions and durability of the NFTS.
We give an example of how durability affects the economy and time using premium capsules.
We perform an exercise of buying 10 premium capsules, and we get an average of a legion of 1700 power, this leads us to be able to perform the mission 8. We do a recharge of 30 days of blood to the legion, since this strategy takes into the probability of the missions and durability.
Continuing with the exercise, we can perform 10 victories in the mission number 8, and 5 more victories in the mission 3, before to do the first reset on the durability, thus getting the most out of the durability of our NFTS, this scenario can be repeated, resetting the durability (heal) of our NFTS.
This is one of the examples of the multiple strategies that the user will have, and has a great change in the economy within the universe of Surviving Soldiers.
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