Durability in the SS universe, affects the NFT at the time of performing the missions.
Every time a troop/legion wins a mission, the NFTs that are in that mission will be subtracted from the durability, and every certain victories in the missions of that troop/legion, the NFTs will be affected by a negative percentage at the moment of executing the missions.
In the following table we will show how the durability will affect the NFT for each mission they have won.
Mission wins
Negative percentage
For example, a troop that is composed of 4 NFT and has 5 victories in missions, has a penalty of -8% in the probability of winning a mission.
Legion Inventory
The durability of the NFT will be displayed in the inventory, which will be shown on the NFT card, the percentage penalty in missions, and the missions won by that NFT, is represented with a maximum of 30 victories; this being the maximum durability, with a -25% chance of winning a mission.
Restored durability (Green Square), Durability Left (Yellow Square) ''wins left'', Penalty in Missions (Red Square), Heal NFT (Orange Square)
Zombie inventory
This durability can be restored by paying SSG tokens.
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