Lucky Event
The Lucky Event in the surviving soldier universe, is a new feature of the dapp, where users who have SSG and NFT tokens, can participate in these event, purchasing tickets, to try your luck. The reward pot will increase as more tickets are purchased. Where the jackpot will be start $2000 in BUSD. There will be different prices for participating in the lucky event, which vary if you have legions/troops, and if they have a durability penalty.
SSG Amount
User only have SSG tokens
10$ in SSG tokes needed
User have Troop/Legion with durability penalty
5$ in SSG tokens needed
User have Troop/Legion without durability penalty
5$ in SSG tokens needed
''This is the example in which the user with different factors can benefit from having NFTS, with and without penalty''
Important, these bonuses for having the NFTS, which are Troops/Legions, can only be obtained once every 24H.
There will be different prizes, in BUSD apart from the jackpot, which will be for example 5$, 10$ 25$. We will continue to study the impact that this functionality will have on our dapp, for the implementation of future prizes. There will be 2 transactions of which 1$ will go to the jackpot, and the other 1$ will go to the next jackpot.
All collected SSG will be automatically sent to the reward pool of the daily missions.
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