Surviving Soldiers
In the P2E option, you will find everything related to the creation of new Legions of Zombies and Missions carry out.

Zombies Legions

Left-clicking on this option ( will allow you to create you Legions using the NFTs you own. Two lists will display on this screen, the left side list will show you the Zombies you own which will need to be transfer to the right-side list in order to create a Legion.
How to Create a New Legion:
  • Add a Name to your new Legion.
  • Select the NFT that will take part of you new Legion / Troop. Please remember for these ones to be created successfully, the minimum Power should be 300.
  • Select how many days of Blood/ammunition you would like to equip you Legion with (between 0, 7, 15 or 30 days) for each one of the NFTs belonging to the group.
  • Left Click on Create Legion / Troop Button (an additional payment of $0.5 for each NFT will be requested on Metamask).
  • After Accepting the Transaction requested, the new Legion / Troop will be added to the Inventory.
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